This MagicINFO add-on is a render farm for images and videos. The images go directly into MagicINFO with full version control on the content items. This sounds pretty simple but if you know that it can also transfer web content into and images, this puts this MagicINFO add-on into whole new level. Qimage can be a good solution for companies struggling to get their web information published, or which have problems with their internet connections. Qimage will create images from whatever you put into it and makes the content available on your MagicINFO server, so you can create and publish your playlist. And, the content is store to play! Something that you don’t have with real time web content. The interval can be set so the information will always be up to date. Even though there are still some limitations in web content to work with, which need to be first checked by a developer, we are convinced Qimage can be just the solution many content managers are looking for.

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