ScreenCom has deployed signage solutions to clients worldwide. With a lot of experience in installing, managing and creating signage solutions. We can advise in how to design and create a customized signage solution and how to bring it into practice, on a technical- and user level.

Reseller consultancy
We have built a team of technical experts who can be leveraged to ensure your solutions align with your customers’ needs. By teaming with our consultant it helps you sell products based on well though out processes and technical foundations. This will build your customers trust, strengthen relationships and makes you win business opportunities.
We can advise in the technical set up but also how the solutions can be used and implemented in the most practical way. We are happy to jump on board and be part of your team; this can start with consultancy sales support when responding to RFPs and RFIs or looking into a system that’s already been used and needs to be updated or extended, because needs are changing.

Technical consultancy
Our technical team has a lot of experience with setting up large server infrastructures for extensive signage networks. When you want to manage hundreds of displays, this requires more technical know-how in how to create a reliable environment. We can sit together, have a look at what’s needed and bring a plan to the table that’s solid and makes sense.



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