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Creating powerful MagicINFO add-ons

ScreenCom likes to bring some intelligence to signage solutions and we offer custom application development based on web technology on top of our complete magicINFO services. ScreenCom develops “what isn’t there yet” to help to grow your business and integrates these changes into MagicINFO by creating powerful add-ons. We also have a lot of experience with setting up large server infrastructures for extensive signage networks.

Explore our MagicINFO add-ons

Entrance Management

With Entrance management visitors are accurately counted up to 80 entrances and exits in a building.
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MagicInfo Services is the knowledge platform for Samsung digital signage software and the official distributor of MagicINFO licenses and solutions.
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YoYo is the latest solution for interaction between your audience and your display! It uses a dynamic interaction between NFC-technology and the display with a full MagicINFO integration.
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Connected 2

Connected 2 is our own digital signage solution. We have created this software which allows you to remotely provide your displays with content via an online control panel.
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ScreenCom Multiple Displays Control allows you to manage your Samsung smart signage display with extensive remote hardware control.
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MeetingPoint allows you to connect your agenda with displays. This intuitive software that can be linked to Google Calendar, Exchange/Outlook etc.
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Use the MagicINFO API to create real-time dashboards. These generate a real-time overview of the statuses of the servers and players.
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Wherever (linux)

Wherever allows you to manage your full display network with complete remote hardware control via Linux players.
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Q Image

The Screencom render farm for images and videos. The images go directly to MagicINFO with full version control of the content items.
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Simple CMS

Create content through pre-configurated templates and add it to the MagicINFO playlist. Simple to do, with no MagicINFO training needed!
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Widget server

Weather, news, social media… you name it! Adjust your own widget information on your displays. Available for every MagicINFO end user.
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Lift and Learn with YoYo

YoYo solution is a Near Field Communication (NFC)-tags technology combined with MagicINFO. This smart signage solutions allows signage networks to change using dynamic contact moments of contact and makes sure the interaction between the audience and the Samsung Smart signage display is works as required.

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