Entrance Management

Complete and privacy-safe solution for tracking and monitoring your audience

Track traffic at your locations

Working with Samsung and Axis, ScreenCom developed a complete solution: Entrance Management. The system tracks visitors’ entry and exit and allows you to manage the number of visitors at your locations. And, even more useful with Covid-19 measures, compares traffic flow to the maximum allowed capacity at your location.

Tracks the amount of visitors and manage traffic
Up to 80 entrances and exits in a building can be tracked. This means people who want to enter the location can be advised by the display if they can come in or should come back at a later, quieter time. The Axis cameras communicate with the Samsung Smart Signage displays, which can also display customized content using the CMS for signage. The customer experience this creates offers opportunities for branding and a sense of security. Entrance Management in combination with people counting also provides valuable management information. This information is displayed, GDPR-proof, and no video images are stored.


  • Manage the amount of visitors in your location
  • Meet Covid-19 regulations and keep customers feeling as safe as possible
  • Give customers up-to-date, real-time numbers and advice
  • Uses proven technology (A-quality)


Multiple inputs and outputs

Supports multiple cameras and displays on which information can be shown (real-time counting).

Real-time data

Always up-to-date numbers. Based on depersonalized statistics, analyze the busiest times and see how many visitors came in at different moments.

Online management console

An easy-to-read dashboard, so you can pro-actively monitor statistics and manage settings and configurations.


There are default display templates available. These can be customized with corporate branding.

GDPR proof

No images or personal data of visitors will get stored or shared.

Combine with your CMS

Add information like clock, weather forecast, news feed, advertisement or own data (e.g. intranet or SharePoint updates) using MagicINFO or any other CMS.



MagicINFO license type
MagicINFO installation


Supported devices
MagicINFO S4> player
Additional hardware
EM box
Additional hardware
Axis camara + licenses (not included)




In shopping areas the Entrance Management solution is probably the most applicable solution at the current moment. You will gather so much relevant information. In shopping areas, supermarkets and stores Entrance Management does not only cover the need to secure shoppers’ health and meet COVID-19 regulations. It also provides management information to grow your business with. By retrieving a great amount of information, Entrance Management can record the usage of the facilities by providing information about the number of visitors per hour or day. Use this data to optimize your marketing and (in store) advertising.

Use case

Decide if you enter the office or not
A marketing agency with more than 20 employees work at a creative workplace where all senses get triggered and customers are welcomed to opt in for the creative direction. With the outbreak of the pandemic the team was hungry to go to the office again, welcome customers and experience the real-life flow when they talked about strategy and design. But only in a safe and managed way. This is where Entrance Management comes in. When employees and guests get to see how many people are at the office, they were sure of the comfortable amount of people in the building during their visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get when you buy Entrance Management?

You get the Entrance Management device and an annual license for using the system.

Is there a limit on the number of displays that I can use?

No, there is no limit. You can use the same amount of devices as you are using in MagicINFO or with your own CMS. There is an Axis camera and license required per entrance. Every Entrance Management box has one visitors-counter.

Can Entrance Management only be used in combination with MagicINFO?

Entrance Management has a seamless integration with MagicINFO, but can also be combined with a different type of CMS.

Can Entrance Management only work with Samsung smart signage devices?

No, we offer you more options. You can use Entrance Management in combination with Samsung hardware or other signage displays and Windows 10 Professional/ Enterprise computers.

How does the pricing work?

Pricing consists of a one time cost for the Entrance Management box. Next to this you pay an annual license fee. Pricing is on request..

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