Why we are so keen on MagicINFO

Turning a good product into an even better solution

ScreenCom is an official MagicINFO distributor in Europe. MagicINFO is a smart content creation and management solution that is included with every Samsung Display Solutions product. We are an advocate of MagicINFO is because it allows us to develop add-ons which enhance your MagicINFO experiences. We also make it possible to create customised add-ons.

MagicInfo Services is the knowledge platform for Samsung digital signage software and official distributor of MagicINFO licenses and solutions. We are a team of digital signage geeks based in the Netherlands. We support all your Samsung digital signage needs so you can reach your goals. We offer high-quality, worldwide coverage as an official Samsung partner via the Global Signage Alliance network. If you wish we can contact you with a local MagicINFO specialist for face-to-face advise, support and services to successfully realise your digital signage project.