Developer vacancy - 40hrs/week

“As a developer, there’s no better place to work than ScreenCom – there’s a lot of attention and room given to personal development." – Mark, developer at ScreenCom.

Developer vacancy - 40hrs/week

At ScreenCom our developers work as a team to provide the best solutions for our customers. You’ll be making and maintaining customised application in PHP Linux environments. You’ll be working on digital signage and narrowcasting projects. Depending on your interests, a broad self-development path is possible.     

ScreenCom builds solutions for the largest companies in the Netherlands and beyond, which ensures challenging and dynamic work. Some projects last a year, others are shorter or longer. Your own development will be taken into account when allocating projects. You’ll be working on projects with a solution architect, consultants and other developers. Together you’ll create (cloud) IT infrastructures.  

“As a developer, there’s no better place to work than ScreenCom – there’s a lot of attention and room given to personal development. I’ve just finished my degree and I’ve already learned a lot about how organisations really work and how we carry out projects for them as ScreenCom. You can gain a lot of (technical) knowledge and experience at ScreenCom in a short space of time! And if you need any help, there’s a team of colleagues ready to help you” – Mark, developer at ScreenCom.

ScreenCom is a company where you recognise yourself in your colleagues. We have an enormous passion for the work we do, there’s a good atmosphere and we have talent for technology – ScreenCom is a unique group of people where you will feel valued and part of the team. There is a lot of space to work towards your own technical and personal aims and you can take on challenges with new technologies. Flexible working conditions are also possible.  


We are looking for you, if

  • you have a passion for technology and development,
  • you have 3 or more years of relevant job experience,
  • you work in a structured and documented way (in English),
  • you can work in a DTAP environment,
  • you work with SQL (MySQL is required, PostgreSQL), Laravel 5.5+ and composer, unit-testing, websockets, Javascript, JSON, Ajax,
  • You can find your way around Git and Gitflow, virtual environments such as Xen and Docker, cloud providers such as CloudVPS, AWS or Azure,
  • you also have (ideally) dev-ops skills such as monitoring, configuring, graphs and dashboards.

ScreenCom will suit you because

  • we’ll ensure that you can work in a good atmosphere,
  • we’ll invest in your training and development,
  • we, just like you, are passionate about the added value of customised applications.

ScreenCom offers

  • career development,
  • 25 days of holiday per year,
  • various secondary benefits.

How to apply

Do you recognise yourself in this vacancy and would you like to start working with us as a developer at our office in Stadskanaal? Then apply now by sending your motivation email and cv to Your point of contact is Wybren Jongstra. If you have any questions or if you would like to know why we enjoy working for ScreenCom so much, then you can also call one of our colleagues: Wybren or Evelyn.

ScreenCom - Hoogveen 3-5 - 9501XK Stadskanaal

T: 085 2736428

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