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ScreenCom products are built to bring technical smartness to your signage solutions and helps you reaching your goals without too much of manual labor, let the system works for you. The products we offer are ready to use for a variety of purposes.


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ScreenCom is a MagicINFO license distributor and offers full technical support. All MagicINFO services are offered via MagicInfo Services.
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Connected 2™ online management panel provides remote displays with informative, commercial or entertaining content remotely.
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The YoYo solution is a Near Field Communication (NFC)-tags technology combined with MagicINFO. These are ingredients for the Lift & Learn solution.
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New designing options thanks to W-player

When you have the W-player activated and you open the Author multiple new animations are available. Using these will give an extra engaging experience and will really draw the eye.

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