MagicInfo Services is the knowledge platform for Samsung digital signage software and the official distributor of MagicINFO licenses and solutions. MagicINFO supports all your Samsung digital signage needs so you can reach your goals. MagicINFO offers high-quality, worldwide coverage as an official Samsung partner via the Global Signage Alliance network.

MagicINFO is a smart, intuitive content creation and management solution that is included with every Samsung Display Solutions product. MagicINFO provides end-users with a suite of creative tools built to facilitate content creation and display management. Users enjoy a range of opportunities, from creating eye-catching digital signage to designing and managing complex, interactive multimedia display systems.

To put it in a nutshell, MagicINFO allows you to upload content and it lets you distribute this content to your displays. When it comes to content you will be able to show:

  • Pictures
  • Video’s
  • RSS-feeds
  • Webelements
  • Webpages
  • Weather
  • Link to external sources
  • Clocks

If you like we can contact you with a local MagicINFO specialist for face to face advise, support and services to successfully realize your digital signage project. Feel free to take a look at

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