We ♥ Samsung

Perfect symbiosis of hardware, software, network and possibilities

ScreenCom believes in the perfect symbiosis between the Samsung hardware and MagicINFO software offering in depth control and multiple strong functionalities to manage your whole display network.

The reason we are working with Samsung is because MagicInfo Services is already installed on the Samsung smart signage displays. Thanks to this, MagicINFO runs perfectly on the Samsung B2B hardware.

MagicINFO allows you to remotely control the hardware. This is great because it even allows you to change the settings if necessary. The displays also comes with a built-in player. This means, not only the display has no extra cables or hardware added, but also that the content is stored on the displays, which is very convenient! If the internet connection is lost, the content will keep on playing.

Samsung is a great innovative business with the best digital signage displays out there at the moment. They are sustainable with a great return on investment!