Developing interactive signage solutions for Samsung displays

ScreenCom is constantly developing the YoYo solution to support multiple in- and outputs to broaden the options for sensor based signage. This year we started working together with Nexmosphere and developed the YoYo solution as such to support the collection of sensors and controls by Nexmosphere. This opens many doors to bring in more interactivity into signage solutions.

Keep on developing
Nexmosphere is constantly working to optimize the current line-up, improve the current offerings with new and optimized receivers to provide the best solution out there. ScreenCom keeps a close eye on these developments and is aiming to improve the current YoYo add-on to support the upcoming Nexmosphere technologies. Next to this we are working on supporting MDC and Webhooks as an in- and output trigger as well. This will enrich the add-on and broaden the possibilities even more.

YoYo supports best sellers
The presence and proximity sensor currently is the best selling product at Nexmosphere. They noticed a significant increase in the presence air button, which is the newer, slimmer version. Many companies want to trigger content when a person gets detected by the sensors in order to get the attention and share relevant content. Now with this year’s YoYo improvements, being able to react to these triggers as well, open many doors for organizations that have Samsung hardware and are looking for ways to make their signage more interactive.

Market growth
America and Asia are continents where sensor based technology is more common already. Especially in Japan there are a lot of sensor based signage projects evolving and realized. There is also a significant increase in the UK, they definitely made the switch to interactive signage this year. Nexmosphere noticed an increasing demand for interactive signage in combination with Samsung Smart signage displays. And this is where Screencom, as a MagicINFO distributor and enabler, comes in. The Nexmosphere sensors, YoYo and MagicINFO is the solution that’s built for Samsung devices, and therefore the answer in the market as a very powerful combination with a lot of growth potential.

Share knowledge and knowhow that helps selling
The increase in requests for sensor based signage solutions for Samsung Smart signage displays and the evolving projects show that the time has now come for many organizations to keep up with these developments. Where interactive signage used to be innovative, it’s now becoming more common already, you see it in our daily street scene more often. That’s why resellers of MagicINFO and our add-ons need to be ready to advise about and being able to offer interactive signage solutions. Sharing knowledge for selling these solutions and the technical know-how will help support growth. That’s why in 2022 ScreenCom is focusing more on providing trainings regarding interactive signage and the YoYo add-on. ScreenCom will also learn how to bring interactivity into a project even sooner and/or as part of a customers’ roadmap. Enabling resellers, who have customers who are ready for the next step, to bring sensor based signage to the table with confidence and ease. 

There are endless options for bringing more interactivity in signage and being “spot on” with your message. Think out of the box and the technology to realize your idea is already there. The collection of sensors and controls offers the ability to create unique interactive journeys wherever signage is applied. ScreenCom remains improving the solution and contributing to the growing markets with compelling interactive signage solutions and sharing knowledge with our reseller network. In addition to that, we are sure to start many new successful sensor based projects in 2022, with partners and resellers worldwide. We are looking forward to it!