As and old Chinese proverb says:

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. Second best time is now.

Ten years ago I started ScreenCom as a local business working on how organisations can improve their communications with digital signage. Starting with project management, content strategy and design. We embraced MagicINFO as being the best program to publish inspiring content together with the sharp looking Samsung Smart Signage displays. We discovered that not every customers’ demand could be reached and started hiring developers Our skills and knowledge about Samsung MagicINFO and hardware grew every day. Over the years we gained extensive and unique experienced with Samsung MagicINFO and learned how to bring added value to this powerful signage solution with Custom Application Development.

We have grown into an international service provider in signage solutions for any business type. Working in a team of more than eight enthusiasts, we help business partners from all over the world with value-based signage solutions based on our full service international cloud model or with helping setup a server infrastructure within a customers IT infrastructure. This in combination with consultancy and development services.

I am proud to introduce our new website that shows what we are today and what we have to offer, in a modest way. Our goal is to get in touch with you and invite you to talk about your customers’ project and how we can bring that right “+”, the added value that will rock your signage project!

Thank you for your trust and let’s generate some great opportunities in 2020!

Bastiaan Amsing
CEO ScreenCom | MagicInfo Services

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