News from your favorite news channel on display

How often do you check the latest news in the app of your favorite news channel? Most of us want to be up to date about what’s happening in the world, get sports updates or just want something to talk about from the gossip column while getting their coffee. That’s why adding news to your signage playlist can sometimes be a very eye-catching idea. Without too much effort, get relevant news directly on a display.

News content is ideal for signage in the corporate environment such as receptions, lobbies or coffee corners. These are locations where people spend time and are open for information. They get informed but also entertained. There are multiple ways of getting news on your display. One of them is the use of News widgets. These widgets display written news headlines and matching images. 

ScreenCom offers ready-to-use and free widgets to use in combination with MagicINFO. There are full screen widgets, showing the headline, intro and an image. There are some national and international news sources available like BBC, CNN and Reuters. These HTML5 data-driven applications can be found in the Widget Configurator where you can adjust some settings like location and news category (depending on the  news channel). This makes it very easy to create engaging content without any designing skills. 



  • HTML pages to use as part of a playlists or channel
  • Compatible with both portrait as landscape orientated displays
  • Adjustable in some basic settings
  • Available for TizenOS and Orsay player types

Next to free available news widgets. it’s also possible to create custom widgets from the data source of your choice.

At ScreenCom we believe that 80% of the playlist can be automated. The future is data-driven automated high impact content. And with the technology in hands, we create the right components to display real time data. ScreenCom is continuously developing new widgets to serve multiple purposes. So do you have customers or want to start with automated content yourself? Let’s connect and cooperate where we can create just the contentstream for you!