ScreenCom developed Q-image to transform URLs into images

ScreenCom is excited to announce a new solution called Q-image. This MagicINFO utility will transfer a URL into an image and upload it directly to the MagicINFO server, ready to publish. Interval settings and version control information will be updated and published automatically.

The need for real-time information is growing. ScreenCom noticed that linking systems, having the right hardware and having a stable internet is not always so simple. These are actually the required elements to show real-time information. With Q-image you use the image of the URL in your playlist. The content is store-to-play and updates automatically. 

“We are convinced that Q-image is the right solution for many organizations who are left with Orsay hardware or just have unstable internet. It should not be a reason why you should not show real-time information” says Wybren Jongstra, General Manager at ScreenCom.

Q-image will change every URL into a usable image. The image is uploaded to the MagicINFO server and it can be used in a playlist. Once used, the system will notice data changes based on a set interval and replaces the running image with the new updated one. With version control and the store-to-play feature of the Samsung hardware, the content will now be stable. 

Q-image is a solution for organization who:

  • are not able to get web content on display.
  • experiencing difficulties by getting information from another source published
  • have Orsay displays in their network that they want to use with web content. 

Q-image is built as an utility to use with Samsung MagicINFO version 8 or higher and works with Samsung hardware, Orsay and Tizen.