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Creating powerful MagicINFO add-ons

ScreenCom likes to bring some intelligence to signage solutions and we offer custom application development based on web technology on top of our complete MagicINFO services. ScreenCom develops “what isn’t there yet” to help to grow your business and integrates these changes into MagicINFO by creating powerful add-ons. We also have a lot of experience with setting up large server infrastructures for extensive signage networks.


Sensor-based signage combined it with MagicINFO for improved customer interaction and display dynamic content.

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Creating software directly on your Samsung displays through the integrated media player.

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Publish reservations and availability of your meeting rooms using your standard calender program.

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Q-image creates images of webpages and makes these images available on your MagicINFO server.

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Widget Configurator

Applications that is presented via a web page that can be integrated in your MagicINFO playlist as a content item.

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Simple CMS

Easy-to-use web-based CMS for any user type. It works with foolproof templates and fully integrates with MagicINFO.

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Samsung MagicINFO

Offering in-depth knowledge of MagicINFO and a complete range of products, services and support.

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