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The need for real-time information is growing. But you can’t always count on linked systems, the right hardware and a stable internet. Normally these are exactly the elements you need to show real-time information. With Q-image, however, you use an image of the url in your playlist instead of the URL itself. The content is store-to-play and updates automatically.

Tansform web pages to images
This MagicINFO add-on is a render farm for web pages that transforms them into images that you can use in MagicINFO. Webpage images are automatically saved in the MagicINFO server, and previous images are updated. Q-image is a good alternative for companies struggling to get their web information published, or which have problems with their internet connections.

Q-image creates images of webpages and makes these images available on your MagicINFO server, so you can create and publish your playlist. And, one of MagicINFO’s key benefits is that the content is store-to-play. Information can be refreshed up to every 5 minutes. Q-image is a unique solution that many content managers have been waiting for. Now they can automate content without using database connections or worrying about internet availability.


  • Content management with version control
  • No need to set up complicated database connections
  • Changes web content into snapshot images
  • Great to use in environments where there’s a bad internet connection
  • Also works with older generation Samsung displays without a browser (Orsay)


Web page to image

Snapshot a URL to Q-image and use it directly in MagicINFO.


The rendered web-item is stored on the display. This means less data is transmitted and you can always display a content item even if internet fails.

Less IT hassle

No need to set up complicated database connections. Q-image just reads a webpage. This is an important point to mention to your IT security department



MagicINFO license type
MagicINFO installation


Supported devices
MagicINFO S1> player




Shops are often located in busy areas where the internet can be unstable, displays are often placed in places where it is difficult to run an internet cable. And if you want to display web information, you need to find a way to do that. With Q-image you can change your webpage into an image, that image is saved in MagicINFO, you create the playlist and then send the full playlist to your display. Set up an interval to change the image, then refresh the web content at regular intervals. This means you don’t need a constant, reliable internet to show content. With Q-image you have the certainty that you can publish information a stable manner.

Use case

Case study Q-image

From reservation system to a widget transformed to an image.
Samsung Business Center North-West in Amsterdam was looking for a way to help a hotel in Arnhem to show information from their reservation software. It was difficult to retrieve the information and build a content item with that data in MagicINFO. They asked ScreenCom for a solution and Q-image was the perfect fit. Now information is retrieved from the reservation system such as event location, name, time and date and this is processed into a web page, a widget. This widget is completely designed in the corporate identity of the hotel. Every 10 minutes a snapshot of this widget is taken by Q-image and then published via MagicINFO and sends the newly updated information directly to the display.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Q-image cost?

There is a fixed monthly fee. Per monitored URL (Q-image) you also pay an additional fee for the update interval.

Can I add as many urls to Q-image as I like?

Yes. Q-image will take a snapshot from each url and create an image from it.

Can Q-image work with another CMS or does it only work with MagicINFO?

Q-image only works with MagicINFO, locally installed and as a cloud solution.

Is the published content item automatically updated whenever there is a change on the webpage?

Yes. When data changes a new screenshot is made and this image overrules existing published items automatically.

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