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The core engine of signage

Samsung’s MagicINFO is an all-in-one smart, intuitive content creation, data and device management solution included with every Samsung Display Solutions product. It provides end-users with a suite of creative tools to make content creation easier and manage displays from one central point. Now with Samsung’s enhanced data management options, you can also analyze your data and automate promotions, so you can work smarter, reduce costs and grow your business.

Complete platform for digital signage
As an official distributor, ScreenCom offers you in-depth knowledge of MagicINFO and complete range of products, services and support. Our creative and technical teams started working with MagicINFO back in 2008. We help customers from all over the world with their signage projects by maximizing their use of this versatile software with our creative and technical skills. As well as the range of powerful features that MagicINFO offers, we also create and build customized add-ons, utilities and widgets. This all means you can bring your creative ideas to life based on well thought-out and tested techniques. It’s easy to adapt to any end-user or signage goals. It’s flexible, reliable and offers many powerful features, straight out of the box.This is why we like MagicINFO so much.

In 2018 we became official distributors of MagicINFO licenses. It’s easy to order a license or cloud subscription via On the site, you can also find additional services such as onboarding, training and support resources.


  • Suitable for any industry and any user
  • Smart content delivery
  • Endless design options
  • Perfect fit between Samsung hardware and content distribution system
  • Full remote hardware control
  • Built-in player means less hardware maintenance
  • Favorable pricing means a low TCO
  • Eco-friendly
  • ISO27001 & IEC27701 certified  


Content creations

Upload pre-built content or create content yourself within the Author. Complete freedom to design your own corporate templates, designs and graphics.

Playlists and scheduling

Choose from multiple playlist types and use extensive and growing scheduling options to target your audience.

Remote Device management

Allows you to reach your devices anywhere, anytime. Forget site visits and manage your hardware settings remotely.

Data management

Allows you to automate routine tasks, collect data and bring it to life with easy-to-read visual reports. Use this data to check how signage is affecting your sales.

User management

Create different roles for your users and determine their access level. This prevents damage or safety issues ensures your environment is as safe as possible.

Improved API

MagicINFO API is improved and has expanded options. It connects different data sources in an improved interface, so that data views increase.




Displays play an important role in store concepts to stimulate sales and improve the customer experience. Shoppers can see the special offers in the store, the queue or POS but are also immersed in the brand, through extra product info etc. Thanks to data, customers can orientate online, and receive advice and order in store: click and collect. And vice-versa! Customers can go on an expedition in the physical store and buy online at the store – via one of the touchscreens. An ultimate omni channel approach, all powered by data. These are interactive store concepts that retailers dream of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy MagicINFO?

ScreenCom has an online platform for all MagicINFO services, Here you can buy all types of licenses, download the software or choose a cloud subscription for using MagicINFO Lite or Premium. If you have specific questions or need any help, just contact us by phone, email or chat.

Is there any support available?

You can phone us, email us or send in a ticket in our support system. We deliver technical support directly to end-users and resellers during office hours or within hours specified in an SLA. You can also find information in our online knowledge base and we invite you to dive into our tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Do you provide MagicINFO training?

Yes, we do! We start with an onboarding program that helps you get going. We can also offer you a training program for any type of end-user focused on content creation or technical info. And naturally, we’d be happy to set up a customized (in company) training program for you.


Does MagicINFO only work with Samsung smart signage displays?

Yes, in order to use MagicINFO, you will need a MagicINFO player. That is often built into the smart signage displays but you can purchase it as an additional box as well. This box runs on TizenOS. It is also possible to install the MagicINFO i-Player on a Windows player. Please note that in this case the remote management capabilities are more limited.

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