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An automatic feed keeps your content up to date in a simple way

Automates content flow

Want to show content from another source? Like news items, weather or perhaps social media or your own systems? A widget might be just what you need. An automatic feed keeps your content up to date in a simple way. Inform your visitors, speed-up waiting times or stimulate your customers to buy products or take actions. Connect to external sources and transform data into visual, attractive content without lifting a finger. You’ll be surprised just how many options there are including widgets in your own corporate style.

Free available widgets or customized
A widget is an application that is presented via a web page, either landscape or portrait, that can be integrated in your MagicINFO playlist as a content item. ScreenCom offers a few basic widgets. We can also create one specially for you. If you’re using the MagicINFO Premium cloud solution you also get access to the Widget Configurator. This means you can create free widgets such as bus departure timetables, weather and traffic-information, news and also connect a social media feed. A lot of doors open with custom widgets. As long as we can retrieve the information you want to publish, we can create any widget you need (we can do this in over 80% of cases). Interested in your own customized widget? Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with all the details.


  • Automate content
  • Choose from our standard ready to go widgets
  • Option to create customized widgets



Keep your audience up to date with the latest news from your favourite news channel or inform them about sports results.


Add traffic information to your playlist such as bus departure timetables, train departure and arrival times, as well as traffic jam information.

Social media

Combine social media with digital signage for a multi-channel strategy.


Show the weather forecast in different languages and layouts.

Customer review

Show your customer reviews on your display from an online rating or review platform.

Customized widgets

Let ScreenCom customize a widget for you using an external data source of your choosing.



MagicINFO license type
MagicINFO installation
External data source/ API


Supported devices
MagicINFO S4> player




Digital signage is ideal in shops to promote products, upsell sales and raise brand awareness. Automatic feeds such as website integration or social media streams can easily be added to the playlists. What about customer reviews that encourage others to buy as well? Digital signage can enhance multi-channel use and contribute to brand awareness. When information is published automatically, the risk of a black screen or redundant information is limited.

Use case

Case study Widget Configurator

Select the location and the widget will show you the traffic situation
ScreenCom created the ANWB widget. This widget retrieves all the information it needs from ANWB data using its customized API. Collected in a designed HTML page this provides a clear overview of traffic jams, so you can get just the right information before you hit the road.  Select the location and the widget will show you the traffic situation.  This widget is freely available in the Widget Server. Create the widget using your own location and integrate the generated HTML page as a web element in the MagicINFO Author.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs involved using the widgets?

Some widgets are freely available in the Widget Configurator. If you want a customized widget, there are costs involved for building it. Please contact us and share your ideas, so we can give you a quote.

Can I create a customized widget myself?

The Widget Configurator allows you to adjust the freely available widgets. For example, it allows you to change the “city” to show weather information in your region.


What widgets are already available?

Twitter, ANWB, weather, bus timetables and NS for train information. Some news widgets like nu.nl, and regional ones like RTV Noord too.

Which sources can a widget be created for?

A widget can be built whenever there’s an API or a database available from a specific source, so you can get the data you want to show. The source needs to be checked by a technical consultant before we can be certain we can build your widget for you. 

How can I add the widget to MagicINFO?

In the MagicINFO Author you can create a page based on a web element. This web element is the HTML page of your widget and you simply add this to your playlist.

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