Lift & learn with a sensor-based signage solution to enrich your customer experience

Dynamic interaction with your audience

Lift & Learn ambitions? Choose our YoYo add-on for sensor-based signage and combine it with MagicINFO. YoYo allows signage networks to react to customer interaction and display with dynamic content. Combining an NFC-reader, NFC-chip, the MagicINFO Player and YoYo software is the Lift & Learn solution, suitable for every industry.

Reacts to sensors and enables MagicINFO to publish content
YoYo is software to use together with MagicINFO. YoYo sends out a signal to MagicINFO that reacts to event triggers and sends content to displays. The YoYo software is fed by the NFC-technology which provides the trigger. You create and control content in MagicINFO.

All incoming information from the NFC-technology is tracked and you can see how often a product gets picked up, the duration and the time. These insights are invaluable for marketing. Every single trigger gets registered. It’s up to you what you do with this key data!


  • Improve customer interaction, optimize conversion
  • Increase product testing options
  • Optimal product information
  • Increase ROI
  • Measurable results


Multiple content types

Trigger any type of content such as images, videos or web content.

Reports and statistics

See how often a product gets lifted, the duration and the time of the lift.

Data Driven Content

Automate your message depending on various factors.



MagicINFO license type
MagicINFO installation


Supported devices
MagicINFO S5> player
Additional hardware
NFC-chip, NFC-reader
Additional hardware
YoYo black box




The customers in shops get information about products in a new way, thanks to the signage sensors. View information about the product if the sensor gets triggered the other way around or if you put it in a selected place (known as the landing zone). Customers can touch and grab the products, even before they’ve unpacked them. The combination of digital signage with Lift & Learn has the potential to increase ROI. The possibilities are endless and offer a new dimension to product branding and customer experience.

Use case

Provide more information to customers with lift and learn
With thousands of products in store, it’s hard to give customers all the information they need, so they can decide which product best suits their needs. With limited staff and a limit to the amount of detailed information about the product itself, a display with extra information not only looks good, but also sends your customer in the right direction to be well informed and buy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a YoYo kit contain?

When you purchase YoYo, you get a YoYo device, NFC reader, 5  NFC stickers and a quick start guide to get you on track.

Is there a limit on the number of displays, NFC chips and readers that I can use?

There are no limits in the usage of NFC chips and readers. The YoYo solution works with all devices installed in the same network.

Can YoYo only be used in combination with MagicINFO?

Yes, that is the case. You need MagicINFO for the YoYo solution, because it works with the event trigger feature built into MagicINFO. This is where you create your content and where you can analyse the lifts.

Can YoYo only work with Samsung smart signage displays?

No, there are some other options. YoYo also works with Samsung display series starting from Tizen 3.0 and with Samsung set back boxes and Windows 10 Professional/ Enterprise computers.

How many sensors can I use with YoYo and can I other sensors than NFC?

You can use up to 32 sensors such as proximity sensors. We are currently upgrading YoYo to also work with Nexmosphere sensors.

How does the pricing work?

First, you have to buy the YoYo hardware kit. This is a one-time purchase. In order to use the software, you then need a recurring subscription (yearly) per YoYo kit. Pricing on request.

Is there training available to learn how to work with YoYo?

We don’t offer a specific training at the moment, because YoYo is very easy to use. To help you get started, you will get a Quick Start Guide, an online manual and tutorials. Our support consultants are trained to work with YoYo and they will be happy to help you at any time. So, simply reach out to us if you have any questions or look in our knowledge base.

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