LED- alerting

Brings extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities to managing Samsung LED hardware remotely

Manage Samsung LED controllers and cabinets

In- and outdoor LED (video) walls are becoming increasingly popular with their ability to deliver an eye-catching, large-scale viewing experience. The demand for software that supports the LED hardware being stable and secure has grown as well. Nobody wants to have black squares in the video or broken cabinets. Make sure you can prevent such errors, by monitoring your LED wall with our LED-alerting system. Monitoring and taking care of your LED wall remotely, saves you precious time and ensures that you can spot errors on time.

Sends notifications
This MagicINFO utility sends out notifications in case of malfunction and brings extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities to managing Samsung LED controllers and cabinets. It provides technical departments total control over the SNOW controllers and LED cabinets.

The LED- alerting solution consists of 3 components; Reporting, Monitoring and Alerting. Detailed information about the controllers and cabinets is sent in regular uptime reports showing performance and availability. In case of malfunction, the system sends out notifications via email.

  • Broken LEDs
  • Cabinet malfunction
  • Overheated LEDs/Temperature
  • Power status
  • LED Open Detection

The LED- alerting solution is a utility for Samsung MagicINFO version 8 or higher and works with Samsung hardware, Snow controllers version 4 or higher.


  • Remote access to the LED cabinets
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Ensures performance



Get notified via email about failures in your LED wall (SNOW controller and cabinets). Or connect to your own NOC software.


Get detailed information about your controllers and cabinets.


Weekly and monthly uptime reports about all devices can be retrieved in the application or automatically sent to you via email.



MagicINFO license type
MagicINFO installation


Supported devices
MagicINFO players S8>/ SNOW controller




When it comes to Digital Out Of Home, remote access is essential. If you have LED walls across the country, it is impossible to constantly monitor them in person. Using the LED-alerting system, you can see the actual state of your hardware remotely. It sends out notifications as soon as something unexpected happens. This makes sure you can prevent serious damage since you know you can always react on time.

Use case

Case study LED- alerting

LED-alerting ensures advertisements te be published steady.
Blow Up Media wants absolute remote control over their large LED advertising walls which they operate for their customers throughout the EU. The technical department checks them night and day. LED alerting is vital for their business so they can react to any failures immediately and keep their customers’ services running.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does LED-alerting cost?

The pricing for LED-alerting is on request. Contact us for detailed information.

Can it only work with Samsung and the MagicINFO software?

Yes, the LED-alerting supports S6 players connected to a MagicINFO server or Samsung RM server. The MagicINFO Premium I player doesn’t have to be installed.

What information is shown in the alert?

The alert shows the server, the group and the error type. A detailed error report is also included. Alerts can be sent via email and are visible in the LED-alerting dashboard.

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