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Unleashing the Power of Digital Signage with ScreenCom

At ScreenCom, we specialise in offering top-tier digital signage services. Our proficiency lies in MagicINFO, Samsung's leading digital signage software, and we ensure an all-encompassing consultancy service. Our seasoned consultants are committed to providing expert guidance, robust technical foundations, and pre-sales support. Whether you require hands-on or remote assistance, ScreenCom is at your service.

We also provide reseller consultancy and excel in the establishment of dependable signage infrastructures. Engage with us at the earliest and enjoy a seamless, stress-free experience. Reach out today for our unbiased, expert insights and guarantee a successful digital signage implementation.


Consultation Services

ScreenCom offers proficient advice for newcomers, robust technical foundations for large-scale infrastructure, pre-sales support, tender advice, and comprehensive guidance on applying MagicINFO in various scenarios. Our consultants can provide assistance both on-site and remotely.
We extend our reseller consultancy to align solutions to your needs and foster new business opportunities. Our technical team excels in establishing reliable signage infrastructures. Early engagement with our consultants can save time, resources, and potential frustration, ensuring promise delivery. ScreenCom is dedicated to offering honest, expert opinions as an integral part of your team.


Customised Development

At ScreenCom, we infuse intelligence into signage solutions through custom application development rooted in web technology. We are committed to creating comprehensive signage solutions tailored to our customers' specific requirements. We achieve this by developing robust add-ons, middleware, or standalone products. Our technical team, comprising IT architects, developers, and designers, ensures ease of use and efficiency in every project.



Hosting Solutions

ScreenCom provides cost-effective hosted solutions for signage, catering to businesses that prefer to outsource their hosting needs. Our technical team excels in setting up and managing signage infrastructures in hosted environments, regardless of the scale. We handle server management, monitoring, backups, and software updates, and provide expert support to both technical and signage staff. With ScreenCom's hosted solutions, businesses can concentrate on their core tasks while ensuring smooth operation of their signage systems. We also offer technical solutions tailored to specific needs, including private cloud options.


Get in Touch

Whether you want to discuss a project, request a quote, or just say hello, we're all ears. Drop us a line, and we'll get back to you promptly.