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Work with ScreenCom to create next level opportunities with MagicINFO solutions. Tell us your ideas and we will make them happen. Our signage solutions are sustainable, reliable and give your creativity a real time platform. We create innovative solutions that help businesses grow using our in-depth MagicINFO knowledge and our passion for digital signage.

LED-alerting for monitoring LED walls.

ScreenCom is excited to announce the launch of LED- alerting. This MagicINFO add-on sends out notifications in case of malfunction and brings extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities for managing Samsung LED controllers and cabinets.

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We add to your project:


ScreenCom believes in a perfect symbiosis between the Samsung hardware and the MagicINFO software, that offers in depth control and multiple strong functions to manage your whole display network.

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MagicINFO is a smart content creation and management solution that is included with every Samsung Display Solutions product. ScreenCom is an official MagicINFO distributor in Europe.

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We believe in bringing MagicINFO to the next level with solutions that makes it an even greater product, customized to your signage concepts and goals.

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ScreenCom has deployed signage solutions to clients worldwide. We have wide-ranging experience in installing, managing and creating signage solutions.

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