Connected 2

Connected 2 is our own digital signage solution. We have created this software which allows you to remotely provide your displays with content via an online control panel. This tool is based on Saas, Software as a service, and with Connected2 you do not only get access to the software, but also to a team of narrowcasting specialists and developers. The team ensures the fact that the software is always running and has the latest updates.

We are continuing to develop this software to ensure you that it keeps running for the coming period of time. There is no need for a lot of technical knowledge, it’s very easy to work with. This easy to use software is possible thanks to the use of templates, jpegs, PowerPoint and PDF’s which can be uploaded.

Connected2 gives you access to an online control panel that provides you with an overview of all your displays. This also allows you to work together with other colleagues. If you have forgotten anything, then you will be able to correct it from wherever you are.