Data dashboards ensure a better data interpretation of data thanks to visualization, so that information can be communicated as optimally as possible and decisions can be made based on clear data. With the MagicINFO Dashboard add-on all data is collected and displayed at one central point, which provides insight into all your signage activities and device statuses.

In just one glance you can see whether displays are switched on or off, if they are showing content, how are they performing. The critical MagicINFO server information is used in the dashboard and you can publish it on your own monitoring display. So you don’t have to login to the MagicINFO server every time when you want to look into the information you need. Thanks to the Windows installer included in the MagicINFO server, all the data is easily collected and displayed real-time on your dashboard. One look at the dashboard and you can check if your business-critical information is being shown. If not, you can take immediate action, to ensure business as usual and minimal impact on business results.

  • Centralized management of MagicINFO server and displays
  • Customized dashboard with your logo, colors to fit your company identity
  • Monitoring and tracking of your server and devices to improve the performance of your signage network