Simple CMS

Simple CMS is an extremely easy to use page that allows you to insert pictures and text. This ensures that every user can work with it. There is no need to follow a complete workshop in order to create a professional message. Simple CMS creates a webpage and this can then be inserted into MagicINFO.

The reason why it is so simple is because Simple CMS works with 3 pages. These are the log-in screen, dashboard and the page where the templates are being created and edited. Upload pictures and videos and edit them to adjust the duration of the slides to your liking.

All you need apart for the Simple CMS, is a Premium MagicINFO account. This can either be a license (for on-premise) or a cloud subscription. A true corporate look can be achieved by making the fonts and picture format non-editable. Details such as the font, font size, picture/ video position are discussed beforehand. This to makes it incredibly easy to work with for the users to work with it and to get the content online quickly and easily!