ScreenCom Multiple Displays Control (SMDC)

ScreenCom Multiple Displays Control (SMDC) allows you to manage your Samsung Smart Signage display with complete  remote hardware control. You can monitor and manage the settings remotely from one single dashboard. This MagicINFO add-on is very similar to the Samsung Remote Management Solution, but with SMDC you can manage not only the Tizen displays but also Orsay displays ( displays with an S2 or S3player) as well. This solution works perfectly alongside SSSP solutions and MagicINFO, but can also work without a CSM.

An MDC Hub is added to the network and this will scan all devices within the network using the RJ45 or RS232 protocol. Once you login to the MDC server, a dashboard shows which displays are present in the network, which are on or off and whether they are generating errors.