Widget server

A widget is a tiny application that is hosted on a webpage that can be used on other websites. It can also be used in MagicINFO. ScreenCom offers a few basic widgets, that you can add to your playlist if you are using MagicINFO Premium. With access to the widget server you can create widgets such as travel information, bus departure timetable, weather and traffic-information, news and Twitter can be created. But there is more, because we can create custom widgets for you where you decide what you want to display. For example, news from your own region or an external source (intranet/ CRM).

Automatic content allows you to be up to date in a simple way, whether you want to inform your visitors, speed-up the waiting time or stimulate the customers to buy products. Thanks to a smart data connection, over 80% of the playlists can be automated. Connections can be made to external sources where data will be transformed into visual attractive content. It’s even possible to get widgets in your own corporate style.

With the MagicINFO WebAuthor you will be able to create a webpage based on a web element. This web element is the HTML page of your widget and you can add this to your playlist. The MagicINFO database is free to use and only accessible for MagicINFO users. The existing widgets are also free to use. But what if are you’re interested in a customize widget? Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the details.