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Start offering ultimate signage solutions to your customers to boost businesses. Be part of a large worldwide eco system offering signage solutions and helping customers from all over the world.

ScreenCom has helped business partners from all over the world with value based signage solutions. We have extensive and unique experience with Samsung MagicINFO. In addition to that, we add value to this powerful signage solution by custom application development, add-ons and utilities. This means that you can answer any signage questions. Leverage our expertise and creativity to ensure your solutions align with your customers’ needs. Join our strong team that’s known for its knowledge, creativity and straight talking. You can rely on us to get your job done.

ScreenCom has developed a Partner Program that’s focussed on sharing knowledge and supporting reseller within the sales process. By offering partner resources, providing trainings and building an intensive collaboration, we help resellers offering the best solution that meet customers needs and closing the deal.

Learn more about the Partner Program here and the two membership types.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to schedule a meeting so we can talk about your ambitions and how we can work together!