YoYo is the latest solution for interaction between your audience and your display! It uses a dynamic interaction between NFC-technology and the display with a full MagicINFO integration. The content is store to play and makes use of event triggers. It has been proved to improve the effectiveness of campaigns and product success!

A shopping audience can be informed about the products by using the Lift & Learn system. It’s very easy, you lift the product and the content on the display will changes to the product you have chosen. Or you can turn it the other way around, if you wish to put the product in a specific ‘landing zone’, the display will show the content of that specific product.

Customers can feel and touch the products, even while they’re still packed. The combination of digital signage and Lift & Learn has a great potential to increase the ROI. The possibilities are endless and offers new dimensions to product branding and customer experiences.

All the information from the NFC-technology will be gathered and can be used to create interesting statistics. You can see how long every product has been picked up, which provides insights into which product is the most popular. YoYo offers you all the analytics and MagicINFO is capable of creating enhanced statistics.