Benefit of wide-ranging experience

Hosted signage solutions, consulting and development

Empower your signage solution

Make use of our wide-ranging experience in installing, managing and creating signage solutions. Our solid, fully-hosted, no stress signage infrastructures make sure you can relax, knowing that’s everything is working as it should. Dig deep with our consultants who will be happy to share all our experiences and knowledge with you.  Or put our experienced tech-team to work developing customized applications so you can showcase your creativity. ScreenCom has a strong team that’s known for its knowledge, creativity and straight talking. You can rely on us to get your job done. Let’s meet!

Hosted solutions, consulting & development


We believe in bringing MagicINFO to the next level with solutions that makes it an even greater product, customized to your signage concepts and goals.
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We can advise in how to design and create a customized signage solution and how to bring it into practice, on a technical- and user level.
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Hosting solutions

The technical team has a lot of experience with setting up large server infrastructures for extensive signage networks in hosted environments. Whether you have 1 or thousands of displays.
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A customized solution based on goals and processes

Turning an analogue situation into a digital solution, where one central location controls multiple, different types of screens with varying content.

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