Expand your MagicINFO knowledge

Are you new to MagicINFO and want expert advice? Are you looking for solid technical foundations for a large signage infrastructure? In a pre-sales process and wondering how MagicINFO could give you the edge? Working on a tender or proposal and need advice that won’t come back to bite you later? Want to know more about how to use MagicINFO in your situation? Or how to advise your client?

These are just some of the reasons that our clients find us. ScreenCom has deployed signage solutions to clients worldwide. We have wide-ranging experience in installing, managing and creating signage solutions. Benefit from what we know about how to design, create and implement customized signage solutions.

Consultancy on location
Our consultants are happy to come and visit your company on location. With our office being located in The Netherlands, we have the ability to visit your company. Prefer a remote meeting? This is also possible, thanks to the numerous remote solutions we are also able to provide remote consultancy.

Reseller consultancy
Leverage our expertise and creativity to ensure your solutions align with your customers’ needs. Team up with our consultant to help you sell products based on well thought out processes and technical foundations. This will build your customers trust, strengthen your relationships and help you gain new business opportunities.

We are happy to jump on board and be part of your team. This can start as early as an RFI or RFP with sales support. We can also look into existing systems, that need updating, extending or a redesign due to changing needs. Get our advice about technical set up as well as how to use and implement the solutions.

Technical consultancy
Our technical team has vast experience with setting up large signage infrastructures. Managing hundreds of displays needs deep technical know-how and experience, so you can set up a reliable environment. We’ll discuss your options, have a look at what’s needed and bring a solid plan to the table that makes great business sense.

It pays to talk to us now
Hiring a consultant may seem like an expensive extra, until you really need one later in the process. It really does pay to avoid wasted time, money and frustration later by hiring expert help early. Avoid unnecessary extra costs and delays later and make sure you can deliver on your promises.

At ScreenCom you’ll always get our honest, expert opinion, as part of your team.