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LED-alerting for monitoring LED walls.

ScreenCom is excited to announce the launch of LED- alerting. This MagicINFO add-on sends out notifications in case of...

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MagicINFO SaaS solution

Why still prefer a MagicINFO signage server in your own network instead of MagicINFO as a SaaS? There are...

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Lift and Learn with YoYo

YoYo solution is a Near Field Communication (NFC)-tags technology combined with MagicINFO. This smart signage solutions allows signage networks...

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Why consultancy?

If you use digital signage, it is good to set objectives in advance. Why do you actually use screen...

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Increase sense of security with entrance management

Measures surrounding COVID-19 also have an impact on visitor flows in business premises and shops. The management of visitors...

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Our new website that shows what we are today

I am proud to introduce our new website that shows what we are today and what we have to...

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ScreenCom at ISE 2020

ScreenCom is represented at the ISE. If you would like to make an appointment and talk some more about...

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Remote hardware control

Remote Management server provides full control of your Samsung Smart Signage displays wherever you are. You have access to...

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One CMS suitable for every type of end-user

OBA was looking for a way to manage a network of 110 displays to inform visitors and keep them...

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Head- and local offices working together on playlists

Quantore works with a custom developed signage system based on Connected.

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