The Amsterdam Public Library uses a user friendly CMS to inform their visitors

The Amsterdam Public Library was looking for a new system for its signage platform. This platform consists of a network of 110 displays, spread over 26 locations.  They show events in the library and recent news items: thanks to the displays, visitors are kept up to date and optimally informed.

An accessible and user-friendly system where information can be controlled centrally and decentrally: that was the OBA’s requirement. An other hard requirement was to be able to define roles with user rights, preferably supplemented with various external data links with their own systems. ScreenCom offered a solution with MagicInfo Premium. In addition, Simple CMS, makes it easy for any employee to add content quickly and easily.

The OBA has its own IT department with the right knowledge in-house to choose from for an on-site installation of the software. To give the OBA a good start, MagicINFO’s account was fully set up to het the OBA off to a flying start. The Content Studio also provided the OBA with templates that can be adjusted according to the message. During a workshop the employees learned how to deal with the software and make optimal use of the many possibilities of digital signage.



Amsterdam Public Library


  • Infocasting
  • Branding


  • MagicINFO Premium
  • Simple CMS


  • Consultancy
  • On-site installation
  • On-site workshop
  • Content creation
  • 8/7 support

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