Manage your visitors with Entrance Management

Measures surrounding COVID-19 also have an impact on visitor flows in business premises and shops. The management of visitors now and in the future requires a reliable, generic and affordable solution. ScreenCom has realised this solution together with Samsung and Axis.

Fully automated, visitors are accurately counted up to 80 entrances and exits in a building. The Axis cameras communicate with the Samsung Smart Signage displays on which customised advertising can also be displayed via the CMS. The customer experience created thanks to this solution offers opportunities for branding and a sense of security. Entrance management in combination with people counting also provides valuable information. This information is displayed, AVG-proof, in a clear database.

Advantages total solution

  • Multiple inputs and outputs in one system
  • Proven technology (A-quality)
  • Real-time counting
  • Favorabel price
  • Generic hardware
  • AVG proof (no images or personal data of the visitors are stored)

Remote management advantages

  • Seamless integration with MagicINFO
  • Complete online configuration
  • Extended dashboard
  • API/ RSS link for own CMS
  • Possibly combined with: clock, weather, news, advertisement or own data link (e.g. intranet or Sharepoint).

Would you like to know more about this innovative solution? Don’t hesitate contacting us directly.