ScreenCom developed LED-alerting for monitoring LED walls

ScreenCom is excited to announce the launch of LED- alerting. This MagicINFO add-on sends out notifications in case of malfunction and brings extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities for managing Samsung LED controllers and cabinets.

The use of in- and outdoor LED (video) walls is becoming increasingly popular with the ability to deliver an eye-catching large-scale viewing experience. The demand for software that supports the LED hardware to be secure and stable has grown as well. That’s where LED- alerting comes in. It provides technical departments total control over SNOW controllers and LED cabinets.

“LED walls are often big and a cabinet that’s not working can often be missed or are hard to “physically” get to for reparations. The need for remote access and notification in case an error occurs was raised to the table in mostly every LED project. However, MagicINFO brings a lot of remote hardware control, only it missed the notification part and that’s why we developed the LED-alerting in collaboration with Samsung Benelux.” says Wybren Jongstra, General Manager at ScreenCom.

The LED- alerting solution exists out of 3 components; Reporting, Monitoring and Alerting. In order to monitor the performance and availability, this solution provides detailed information about the controllers and cabinets in regular send uptime reports. In case of malfunction the system sends out notifications via email. Notifications about broken LEDs, cabinet malfunction, overheated LED’s/temperature, power status and LED open detection. The LED- alerting solution is built as an add-on to Samsung MagicINFO version 8 or higher and is working with Samsung hardware, SNOW controllers version 4 or higher.