YoYo solution for lift and learn

Dynamic interaction between customer and display
Online shopping is easy – the order is often even delivered to your front door free of charge. This makes it increasingly challenging for retailers to physically get customers into the store. Once the customers are in the shop, retailers are happy to do everything possible to convince customers to make a purchase. Let’s not forget their responds to branding – by letting the shop visitors experience an unforgettable brand experience. Point of Sale (POS) communication is very important in this respect and now takes many forms, including the use of signage displays. In the retail sector, the demand for new innovations and signage solutions is continuing to grow!

Search for next level signage
Shoppers have been proved to be more attracted to displays. That’s no surprise with vivid moving content. That’s different than traditional printing. Signage solutions, with that particular experience, ensures demonstrably better sales figures. Marketers gain flexibility to communicate a specific action at the most appropriate moment within the signage network. All from one central point. What it’s all about is showing the right message at the right time. In this way you can potential clients incredibly curious.

Dynamic POS
To respond to this market demand, ScreenCom has combined Near Field Communications (NFC) tags technology with MagicINFO. This combination turns static smart signage networks into dynamic points of sales. It allows for interaction between the display and the customer, especially thanks to the YoYo solution for Lift & Learn. This creates a whole new product branding and customer experience.

The Lift & Learn solutions is made up of an NFC reader, an NFC chip and MagicINFO working together. With the Lift & Learn solution, the shop audience can be informed about products in a new way. It works in a simple way. If you pick up a product, the content on the display adapts to the content matching that product.

– Dynamic interaction between the NFC chip and the display
– Full integration between NFC and the MagicINFO player
– A powerful tool to measure and track consumer engagement and campaign effectiveness
– Increase brand loyalty and sales

Stimulates the senses
Instead of relying solely on product images or packaging to make a difference, customers can now really see, feel, smell and use the product. With the YoYo solution you stimulate all the customers’ senses. It gives a whole new dimension to shopping. And, apart from this… it also has another pleasant side-effect. There’s no more taking products out of the packaging. Messy packaging and unsaleable products are a thing of the past.

Elevator and counting
Not only is it advantageous when it comes to customer experience, but the valuable statistical insights also have added value. For example, it keeps track of exactly how often a product has been picked up. This is ideal for measuring the popularity of a product and doing A/B tests. Then add this to the statistics generated from MagicINFO. Marketing efforts will be richly rewarded with the necessary figures for measuring success.

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