Cloud is becoming more popular, here are some reasons why

Why still prefer a MagicINFO signage server in your own network instead of MagicINFO as a SaaS? There are many reasons why you choose one or the other. In this blog we share some main reasons why the cloud is becoming more popular.

1. Solid technical foundations in the EU

First of all, the servers ScreenCom have available for MagicINFO solutions are based in data centers in the Netherlands. In Europe, but also worldwide, the Netherlands  is a walhalla for data centers. Just look at the big tech like Google, Microsoft and Facebook and ask yourself why they also have their data centers in the Netherlands? It’s because we are THE glass fiber hub, not only in EU but worldwide (

In the Netherlands there are no big natural disasters happened in the last ten decades and the Dutch are known all over the world for being able to control water perfectly. So no worries for earthquakes, floods, fallen rocks or other natural disasters. Next to that, we are ready for the future because practically all data centers are working with sustainable and 100% renewable energy.

2. No burden on your IT department

With a cloud solution you don’t have to worry about the IT part of the solution. Yearly automatic firmware, version updates of server and players is all part of the service. Next to this, we are in direct contact with the product specialist in Samsung Korea. So, if there is any technical issue, product update or else, we know it. It’s easy for us to live up to our motto, always be up to date.
Having a cloud solution comes with pro active monitoring, and that’s not just something we think sounds great. We fix most problems before you know it and monitor the servers with high level applications like Zabbix. But if you wish to be more in control, it’s possible keep an eye on performance as well using dashboards with detailed information about your (private) MagicINFO environment. Whether you want to be full serviced in technical and user support based on a SLA or just want support on demand. That’s all up to you.

3.  Save operational cost

Choosing a SaaS solution saves operational costs. Having it all in-housed means more personnel costs. You probably have to hire an extra person who can make sure the server is up and running. When you have the right company who provide the SaaS solution, you don’t really notice that they provide you this service. The IT department can focus on other tasks and don’t have to worry about data security and availability, that’s outsourced to the SaaS provider.  Next to that, think of the energy costs savings of not having bare metal at your sight.  A SaaS solution is not only costs effective, but it’s also a flexible option. ScreenCom offers flexible pricing models for SMB but also for enterprises. As MagicINFO hosting company, ScreenCom can offer their solutions is around 35% cheaper than when you setup, maintain and update a signage network yourself. We can provide a ROI calculating model to prove this.

4. Global approach

Nowadays it is common to expand your business worldwide. With the internet it’s easier than it used to be fifteen years ago. With the SaaS services from ScreenCom you can manage your signage network from any place, or invest in an external support desk. ScreenCom can deliver the right tools to connect to any ERP system for an advanced way for monitoring your whole signage network. And because it’s a flexible solution, you just call and scale up your signage network.

Choosing a SaaS solution brings a lot of advantages that an on premise solution don’t offer. However there are situations where on premise is the one and only option. MagicINFO is one of the few solutions that can be installed locally and can fully work in heavily secured environments. Our advice, always consult an MagicINFO expert and talk about your company needs to decide what option will be the best and bring you business results, financially and in terms of usability. 

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to schedule an online meeting to talk about your specific situation and create a solution that meets your goals.

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