No information loss in case of malfunctioning display

Set a display as a backup screen or main screen depending on the importance of the content. To ensure the most important content is constantly delivered even in the event of a display malfunction.

When you use signage to communicate with your audience, it is vital that they always show the right information. However, it is impossible to prevent every possible issue. It still happens that displays turn black due to human error or a technical failure. Or is simply not updated with new information. Can you 100% prevent this from happening? No, that is an illusion. Are there ways to prevent information loss or outdated information being published? Yes, there certainly are. And that’s essential because a malfunction of a display can cause serious damage when it comes to not showing the accurate information or no information at all. 

Prevent damage in case of malfunction
When content is business critical, having a fall back in place is essential. In industries like  QSR, the promotion of certain offers affects the day’s revenue. And prices must be up to date. Or in transportation areas people rely on the information that’s displayed to get to their destination. Wherever people and businesses rely on published information there has to be a plan B in place in case of a malfunction to prevent any damage to business results and experiences. Having a system ready that ensures your information is still published is crucial. 

Backup Play
MagicINFO offers the option called Backup Play. This is an extremely smart functionality that ensures that one display takes over the content from another display that is not functioning. Backup Play allows users to set a display as a backup screen or main screen depending on the importance of the content. The backup screen automatically plays a vital content item if the content source of the main screen encounters any issues such as an error or no signal. The backup screen not only can play the main screen’s content but also play its original content (toggle) depending on the settings. So when one display has an error, the display set as a backup will take over the information that was shown on the displays with an error. When displaying menus, promotions, dashboards for monitoring or insights, logistical information, important schedules, any critical information using Backup play is advised. Here’s an example of menu boards.

No information loss
The main reason why Backup Play is an essential functionality, is that the content that should have been displayed is still published in case a display falls out. So there’s no information loss and therefore minimal damage. With the backup plan ready and set, IT can monitor and in case of an error has some more time to find out what’s causing the problem and to fix it.