Why consultancy?

If you use digital signage, it is good to set objectives in advance. Why do you actually use screen communication, how and where do you place the screens and what results should the screen communication yield for your organization? Those are questions you should be able to answer before getting started. What are the results this investment should bring you. If you are in experienced with signage, ScreenCom consultants are specialists in this field and are there to help. Also if you want to renew or expand the signage content.

ScreenCom consultant Cor knows how to translate wishes into a clear plan. “I recently gave to a customer employees a training course to help them get started with MagicINFO. A partner of theirs became interested in digital signage after seeing their screens. He soon called us for a consultancy request. It is satisfying to advise and offer the best signage solution in every business situation. What I enjoy most is exceeding expectations. The possibilities are endless with this form of communication. With a clear strategy, and good software and content design, digital signage with MagicINFO is guaranteed to be a success.

3 consultancy tips

  1. Often a certain department within an organisation wishes to use digital signage. Other departments may also be able to use signage and have requests. Try to collect these requests directly from all departments, so that the right solution is selected in a targeted manner. The entire organisation will benefit from it.
  2. Schedule a consultancy appointment at the beginning of your digital signage process. This is how you make well-considered choices. As a result, it will cost you less time and money afterwards.
  3. Do you have questions about digital signage in general? Feel free to schedule an online meeting. Contact us!