Managing reservations, receptions for your meeting facilities

Meeting room hospitality & traffic management

MeetingPoint shows you which reservations have been made for your meeting rooms. In a blink of an eye, you can see all the meetings that have been scheduled for the day, which meetings there are and how long they will last. How convenient!

MeetingPoint can be displayed on any Samsung display with an S6 player or higher. It’s easy to connect to Google Calendar and other scheduling programs that support public *.ics. It can be integrated into your MagicINFO account or used as an individual module. You can even set up your own corporate designs in the displays to give it your unique look and feel.

Book and publish meeting room availability
You decide how many locations you want to give a calender where meetings can be booked and from which the availability will be shown. This makes it possible to have a display at every location showing the specific schedule for that location/meeting room. All the hours booked at the locations can be shown in one single view in your corporate style. Efficiency and corporate style work together perfectly!


  • Easy to connect
  • Works with multiple locations
  • Quick overview of the planning


Easy to connect

Works with Outlook, Google Calendar and any other scheduling program that supports (public) ics.

Full integration

The software runs in MagicINFO, TizenOS or as a standalone module.


MeetingPoint templates in your corporate identity.



MagicINFO license type
MagicINFO installation
Cloud/ local
Supported agendas
Google/Office365 calendar or Public ics files


Supported devices
MagicINFO S4> player




MeetingPoint can be used where there are meeting rooms. It is easy to check meeting room availability and to book a room using the calendar people are familiar with. They can see all the meetings that are scheduled for the day, and how long they will last. An overview of the room availability and where the meeting is taking place can be published on one (or more) display(s) and all rooms can have a display of their own with a separate schedule. So, it also helps you to find your way. If there is no meeting scheduled, a screensaver, video or image, can be published instead.

Use case

Case study MeetingPoint

Employees check availability in their shared meeting schedule
An agency that helps governments, midsized companies and corporations with their communication strategy and design was looking for a solution to reserve meeting rooms. With more than 20 employees they work at a creative workplace where all senses get triggered. At a location like this there are several rooms to choose from to hold your meeting or brainstorming session. That’s why they choose to use MeetingPoint. Employees check availability in their shared meeting schedule and reserve a room. With smaller displays on the door, it’s also handy to know if you can walk into a room or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of a full MeetingPoint Solution?

You pay a one-time setup fee to use MeetingPoint. This setup includes designing the templates, room availability and schedule overview. In addition, there are annual or monthly costs to use the MeetingPoint module (price per meeting room). Contact us for more information.

Does MeetingPoint only work with Samsung displays?

Yes. MeetingPoint is built to work with Samsung Smart signage displays.


Can it work with multiple locations?

In the backend of MeetingPoint you decide how many locations there are. Every location works with its own calendar for reservations. Per location you make a separate calendar which will be read by MeetingPoint.

How many displays can be used?

There is no limit to the number of displays that can be used with MeetingPoint.

What happens if there is no meeting scheduled?

You can choose a screensaver that will appear when no meeting is scheduled. This can be pre-built media content such as a corporate video or image.

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