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Seamless web-based integration with your signage solutions

Foolproof templates for any user type

Simple CMS is an easy-to-use web-based CMS that works with templates. Insert pictures , videos and text and deliver high quality content, in a simple way and keeping to your corporate identity. The pre-built templates make it so straightforward to use that every content user type can work with it. There is no need to follow a complete training; just create a professional message in the intuitive user interface.

Integrates with MagicINFO
Simple CMS is completely web based and after login a user can create their message in the template. Once ready, it’s published in a MagicINFO playlist. The CMS consists of 3 sections. These are the log-in page, dashboard and the template editor. Upload pictures or videos and edit them to adjust the duration of the slides to your liking

All you need apart from the Simple CMS, is a Premium MagicINFO account. This can be either a license (for on-premises) or a cloud subscription. A consistent corporate look can be achieved by making the fonts and picture format non-editable. Details such as the font, font size, picture/ video position are frozen for the end user and cannot be changed. This makes it incredibly easy to work with for the users, so they can get the content online quickly and easily!


  • No special technical or graphic skills needed
  • Work in foolproof templates
  • Templates in corporate identity
  • Quickly create any content you want to publish


Easy interface

Simple CMS consists of 3 page types, the login page, dashboard and template editor.

Multiple file types

Upload images and videos of common file types and add them to your template.

Fixed templates

Keep to corporate identity by making fonts and picture format non-editable.



MagicINFO license type
MagicINFO installation


Supported devices
MagicINFO S2> player




Signage content in Retail organizations are usually coordinated by the marketing department at head office. In these situations, Simple CMS can be added to the digital signage environment so that local managers can create their own messages. They can work in a template in corporate identity, so that the same font and image quality is guaranteed. By adding Simple CMS to MagicINFO you have a system available for any type of end user.

Use case

Case study Simple CMS

Local information up to date because it’s easily changed using the templates
The public library in Amsterdam uses Simple CMS as an addition to MagicINFO. They needed a solution that would meet all levels, from IT to local librarian. With Simple CMS added, the technical department can benefit from all server management and device options, while headquarters can work on overall communication. And the librarians who need to keep their local information up to date can also easily change the content via a template in Simple CMS. There’s no disturbance or complicated settings, or accidently deviating from corporate identity. That’s all pre-managed, so they can focus on their job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Simple CMS cost?

To use Simple CMS, you pay a one-time setup fee. This fee includes ScreenCom designed templates. In addition, there are annual or monthly costs for the use of the Simple CMS module (price per Simple CMS user). Contact us for more information.

Do Simple CMS users need access to MagicINFO?

Simple CMS users don’t need access to MagicINFO or even a MagicINFO user account. They can do everything they need in SimpleCMS. The Simple CMS url is added to the MagicINFO playlist and that picks up any item published in Simple CMS.

Does Simple CMS only work with MagicINFO and Samsung displays?

Yes. Simple CMS is built to work with Samsung Smart signage displays and can only be used within MagicINFO.

How many displays can be used?

There is no limit to the number of displays you can use with Simple CMS.

How does the pricing work?

Pricing consists of a one time cost for the Entrance Management box. Next to this you pay an annual license fee. Pricing is on request..

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