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The core of signage solutions

The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP), now called TizenOS, is an open-source, all-in-one solution embedded in Samsung’s smart signage. That means it doesn’t require any additional devices to communicate with the server or to play digital media. TizenOS gives you the freedom to create software directly on your Samsung displays through the integrated media player.

Endless options thanks to the open source platform
ScreenCom is a certified TizenOS Samsung partner and has been creating solutions on this platform from the very beginning. Using TizenOS we can create technical answers to almost any signage question. And we have already done this in numerous ways for a great range of purposes. The TizenOS platform comes into play when MagicINFO is not the right fit or a combination with TizenOS is needed. Think about touch applications or fully customizable data-driven solutions. Combining these two technologies, brings out the best in both worlds for you.  


  • Fully customizable solutions
  • Integrated media player
  • A solution for every signage goal



Complete SaaS signage solution with templates, numerous playlists and scheduling options, along with complete hardware control.


Connects the customer POS with their signage system. Using AGF/QSR means that pricing and offers are always up to date (including stock management).


A solution to schedule and show availability of meeting rooms using a Google or Outlook calendar.



MagicINFO license type
Premium/ RM
MagicINFO installation


Supported devices
MagicINFO S2> player




Retail organizations often have to deal with large numbers of products and pricing that depends on stock levels, so changes constantly. You have to be flexible and react fast. Manually keeping track of all pricing and offers is expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone, which ultimately costs customers. So, this isn’t a realistic option.  The most ideal solution is a connection between the POS system and signage. This makes pricing adjustable in real time and can be adjusted to stock levels. The solution that creates the link between POS and MagicINFO is built on the TizenOS platform and easily integrated.

Use case

Case study TizenOS

Dynamic pricing based on POS system en stock management
A large Dutch supermarket chain was looking for a solution to replace the manual labor needed to keep pricing up to date. Due to a large number of products and frequently changed pricing, they were looking for a dynamic pricing solution. Connecting their POS system and stock management, means that pricing is now up to date and adjusted in real-time. Local store owners can also quickly make local changes, because of a smart user management setup. This stable, effective, cost-saving solution was built with a combination of a customized dynamic pricing solution built on the SSSP platform and MagicINFO. To make sure that the business-critical information is published, the whole network is monitored via dashboards with real-time information about content delivery and devices statuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you choose an TizenOS solution?

When the solution cannot be found in existing technologies ScreenCom can bring TizenOS into play. It depends on the customer’s demand, goals, and situation. If a lot of customization is needed or a setup is difficult to maintain or build within MagicINFO, building a solution from scratch is the best way to go.

Is an TizenOS solution only available with Samsung hardware?

Yes. This is the operating system embedded within Samsung hardware. Nowadays SSSP is called Tizen.


Is it possible to add an TizenOS solution to MagicINFO?

Yes. You can use the TizenOS solution as a standalone solution or within MagicINFO as a content item based on web technology.

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