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Strong teamwork for successful signage projects

Stay ahead of the game

If you want to keep up with technology and use it successfully, you need the right information, guidance and strong teamwork. This is even more true, when you are facing big challenges. That’s why ScreenCom has support services that help you stay ahead of the game.  Team up with one of our consultants to achieve your signage goals or gain in-depth knowledge from our product- and training materials.

Our support services go beyond just helping you understand your signage systems and technology. Whatever your situation, we’ll support you in keeping and extending your business. Get strategic and technical guidance to help you get the most out of your and your customers’ signage.

Strong teamwork for successful signage projects


Join the force and offer ultimate signage solutions to your customers to boost businesses. Be part of a large worldwide eco system offering signage solutions and helping customers from...
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We offer introductory and customized training sessions for every type of end user: designers, systems managers and resellers. Discover more about your signage solution and maximize your creativity, efficiency and...
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Lift and Learn with YoYo

YoYo solution is a Near Field Communication (NFC)-tags technology combined with MagicINFO. This smart signage solutions allows signage networks to change using dynamic contact moments of contact and makes sure the interaction between the audience and the Samsung Smart signage display is works as required.

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