Organize and automate proactive critical MagicINFO server information and act proactively in case of an error

Know when intervention is needed

Data dashboards ensure a better interpretation of data thanks to visualization. This means information can be communicated more easily and decisions can be taken based on data. With the MagicINFO Dashboard utility, all your data is collected and displayed at one central point, which provides insights into all your signage activities and device statuses.

For optimal monitoring and to respond quickly
See if displays are switched on or off in one glance. Find out if they are showing content, how are they performing. The dashboard shows the critical MagicINFO server information, and you can publish it on your own monitoring display. That means, you don’t have to log into the MagicINFO server every time you want to check the information you need.  Just one look at the dashboard is enough to see if your business-critical information is being shown. If not, you can take immediate action, to ensure business as usual and minimal impact on business results.


  • Centralized management of MagicINFO server and displays
  • Monitoring of your server and devices
  • Improve the performance of your signage network


One single view

Data is collected from the MagicINFO server and gathered into one easy-to-read dashboard.


The dashboard can be customized with logo, colors to fit your corporate identity, layout and information.

No login required

Data available without logging into MagicINFO.



MagicINFO license type
Premium/ RM
MagicINFO installation


Supported devices
MagicINFO S2> player




Retail organizations are all about showing the right offer at the right time and brand awareness. A display without any content doesn’t only cost you money but is also a threat to your brand performance. Knowing if a display is showing the right content or any content at all is vital. Dashboards are an ideal, proactive monitoring tool. The no login feature means you can quickly see if there are any problems so you can act fast and minimize the impact of any errors.

Use case

Case study Dashboards

Take immediate action in case of publishing issues
A head office behind the multiple jeans brands asked one of our resellers to provide them with a future-proof signage solution to enhance brand awareness and improve conversion in their stores. They found the right solution in MagicINFO, providing proof of play and a constant content flow. Head office now has a dashboard published on displays at their technical department to monitor potential errors and publishing issues, giving certainty of content delivery. Within a blink of an eye, they can respond to and fix any potential irregularities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost when you want to have your own Dashboard?

The pricing for using Dashboards is per device. Contact us for detailed price information.

Can it work with the MagicINFO cloud solution, or do you need an own MagicINFO server?

Dashboards are only available for our MagicINFO cloud solutions.


Do you need to be logged into the MagicINFO server to see the Dashboard?

The Dashboard provides the information available in MagicINFO, available via a customized URL without logging in.

What information is available in the Dashboard?

See if displays are switched on or off, if they are showing content, how they are performing. All at one glance. Hard- and software errors are also visible in the dashboard, so you can take action at once.

Do you get notified in case of an error?

The Dashboard only provide the insights you need in a shareable overview. When you use MagicINFO for content and device management, MagicINFO takes care of the notifications for you.

Can the Dashboard information be altered or is it fixed?

The information shown by using Dashboards comes directly from the MagicINFO server and is fixed.

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