Manage your complete display network with extensive remote hardware control for Linux Windows, Orsay and Tizen players

Secure your signage system with remote hardware control

Wherever is a MagicINFO utility that supports companies and resellers in monitoring and controlling multiple MagicINFO servers in multiple locations and with multiple configurations. Manage your complete display network with extensive remote hardware control for Linux Windows, Orsay and Tizen players.

Manage and control servers and displays wherever they are
The web-based management console gives information about configuration properties, server statistics, read and download log files. Use Wherever to also manage a large range of hardware settings remotely. This means you can react quickly to any problems and solve them from a distance, reducing the overall costs of maintenance.


  • Dashboard showing a complete overview of your signage network
  • Alerts for disconnected devices
  • Insights from individual device statistics
  • Overview and centrally managed remote actions


Server management

Insights in system specifications as well as usage, application settings and disk usage. Control and manage the backup snapshots, to prevent and deal with errors.

Remote access

Manage a large range of hardware settings remotely using Linux players. Remote control options include SSH access via VPN, VNC via VPN, and NoMachine remote control.


Create custom alerts in the extensive alerts manager and get notified immediately about errors in devices or servers.


Send out scripts for configurations to one or even multiple players.


API connection for connecting to other NOC software so you have all your information centralized.

Multiple player types

Available for Windows, Linux, Tizen players and a combination of those.



MagicINFO license type
MagicINFO installation


Supported devices
Windows players/ Linux players/ MagicINFO players (S2 and higher)




Stylish built-in displays often aren’t so easy to access once installed. This is definitely the case with retail displays. Why not choose the best of both worlds: beautiful interior design as well as optimal accessibility? Remote hardware access often business critical. With Wherever you are assured of complete control over your display network. It enables  full remote control and insights from one central point. It doesn’t matter where your devices are located and if it has a Windows, Linux or MagicINFO player. You control your devices remotely on the clear, complete and easy-to-use management console and connect to the hardware management tools that suit you best.

Use case

Case study Wherever

The only solution that can work with multiple player types
If you have more than 3000 devices spread across the EU, managing those remotely isa must. But when you’re stuck with a hardware legacy or you can’t use  the same hardware at all the locations, you need a remote management solution that can cope. This EU customer had thousands of devices in their network, not only Samsung/ Tizen, but also Windows and Linux and was looking for one overall tool to manage all their signage players (Linux, Samsung Orsay and Tizen displays). Wherever was the only solution that could work with multiple player types and offer a clear management console with remote hardware access and a monitoring dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Wherever solution costs?

Wherever’s pricing is based on usage and may include custom development, so contact us for detailed information and advice in your situation.

Does it only work with Samsung and the MagicINFO software?

No, there is much more possible. The Wherever solution supports Windows, Linux and Tizen players and a mix of those. However, you’ll get the most out of Wherever when it’s connected to a MagicINFO or Samsung RM server.

What information is shown in the dashboard?

The management console provides information about configuration properties, server statistics, read and download log files and also allows you to manage a large range of hardware settings remotely.

What types of alerting can you create and how do I get notified?

Alerts can be created per OS type or for all the supported OS. Devices that are turned off when their MagicINFO on/off timer requires them to be on, can result in alerts. Alerts can be sent via mail, Slack message and only be visible in the Wherever CMS.

How can I control the backups?

Within the Wherever CMS you are able to control and manage the backup snapshots. Restore the full server or just one specific file using the restore options. Options include reboot server, restart services and download logs.

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